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* Psychological Counselling and Career Guidance

Mashaal is a project to introduce psychological counseling for students facing personal problems and scholastic challenges.

It also aims to impart career guidance to assist students in making informed educational and occupational choices.


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Need of Mashaal Project

The unemployment rate in the country presently stands at 6.1 percent. Most school students have no   access to career guidance besides the option of following in the footsteps of the hereditary   occupation. This denies them a vision for the future and resultantly, a goal to aspire for. Rudderless,   they find no reason to achieve and often go astray. It is, therefore, a collective social responsibility to   guide and mentor adolescents to achieve optimum physical and mental health and choose suitable   careers in keeping with their abilities and aptitudes. Project Mashaal' is an initiative to introduce short   counseling training programs for teachers to enable them to give personal and career guidance to   students. This website offers all necessary information about local training and educational   institutions that a student may want to join for post school studies, along with eligibility criteria, fees     and length of courses. It also gives details of available scholarships and reservations.


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Guidance and Counseling is just like carving the raw diamond to give shape make the diamond priceless.  And also remember diamond can be carved with diamond. So counselor is equally important.

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